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Ageing and Life Expectancy

The Förderfonds Wissenschaft in Berlin and the Secretariat of the European research network Population Europe announce the 2021 winners of the European Demographer Awards. [...]
The 22nd Nordic Demographic Symposium in Oslo will now be held from June 9-11, 2022. The symposium brings together researchers, students and other experts in population studies from the Nordic region. As more information becomes available, we will update this page. [...]
This online and in-person colloquium will present two population-based register studies from the Stockholm University Demography Unit, both discussing stratification of COVID-19 deaths in Sweden. [...]
This online and in-person colloquium will present three population-based register studies from the Stockholm University Demography Unit, all discussing the demography of COVID-19 deaths in Sweden. [...]
Starting in August 2020, Pavel Grigoriev, a research group leader at the German Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB), is steering a new five-year European Research Council (ERC) project entitled “Regional Disparities in Cause-Specific Mortality in Europe: The role of local context and national health policies” (REDIM). [...]
The AAL Programme will discuss the results of the European Commission’s recently published report on the Impact of the Demographic Change in Europe. [...]
This innovative Handbook, edited by Jane Falkingham, Maria Evandrou and Athina Vlachantoni, offers a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of demographic change across the lifecourse. [...]
A paper published in BMJ Global Health by Marie-Pier Bergeron Boucher, José Manuel Aburto and Alyson van Raalte on variation in causes of death sheds further light on our understanding of population health and ageing.  [...]