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The FReDA team invites you to contribute your own research content to FReDA. This can consist of a number of submissions from different applicants, with a total of 3 minutes of questioning time available.
Second Exploratory Meeting
Between the Vice President of the European Commission for Democracy and Demography Dubravka Šuica & leading demographers at the EU
The purpose of this second meeting was to discuss: a) the role of demography in the recovery plans for Europe and b) population decline and brain drain.
COVID Data Twitter Takeover Series
During the week of April 12, we launched the COVID Data Twitter Takeover Series bringing experts together to discuss the current state of COVID-19 data
EPRS' Online Policy Roundtable
How is the coronavirus crisis changing Europe's demography? The 2021 EPRS' Demographic Outlook
Our Daniela Vono de Vilhena joins EPRS' Online Policy Roundtable on the topic 'How is the coronavirus crisis changing Europe's demography? The 2021 EPRS' Demographic Outlook.'
Event: Berlin Demography Days
From 22 to 24 March, the Berlin Demography Days will take place for the first time. At the online event, the Vice-President of the European Commission Dubravka Šuica will speak about the relationship between democracy and demography. In addition, the winners of the European Demographer Awards will be honoured.
MPhil/PhD Demography (Social/Formal)
The British Society for Population Studies is delighted to announce that it has opened nominations for its Early Career Award aimed at highlighting the achievements of those towards the start of their careers and who have the potential to make a significant contribution to population studies.