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Pop digests


PopDigests are short, comprehensive summaries of research results with a link to the original publication (if accessible online). This allows population experts and other interested audiences to be able to easily access information to the latest research results. 

Drawing on Swedish register data from 2012-2016, Alyona Artamonova and Brian Gillespie (University of Groningen) address these gaps by examining whether the presence of partners and adult children matters for older adults’ (aged 70-84 years) sibling-focused migration.
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A recent study by Yekaterina Chzhen (Trinity College Dublin); Jennifer Symonds, Dympna Devine, Seaneen Sloan, Gabriela Martinez Sainz (University College Dublin); Julia Mikolai (University of St Andrews); and Susan Harkness (University of Bristol) investigates primary school children’s self-reported engagement with remote schooling during the Spring 2020 lockdown in Ireland.
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A new study by Sunnee Billingsley, Maria Brandén, Siddartha Aradhya, Sven Drefahl, Gunnar Andersson and Eleonora Mussino (Stockholm University) examines inequalities in COVID-19 mortality according to working-age individuals’ occupations as well as the indirect effect of occupation on COVID-19 mortality of older individuals with whom they live.