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Population Europe Inter-Faces are a series of video interviews with leading demographic experts on Population Europe’s YouTube channel and other video material of general interest produced by the partner institutes. Users can gain first-hand insights about demographic developments, which may affect individual life courses and future policies.

Webinar Translating Migration Theory into Empirical Propositions
On 11 December, the QuantMig project hosted a discussion with Jørgen Carling (Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO), Mathias Czaika (Danube University), and Marta Bivand Erdal (PRIO), moderated by Jakub Bijak (University of Southampton) about migration studies moving away from a more theoretical approach to empirical propositions that have a strong evidence base.
Discussion Beyond COVID-19: Population Challenges Ahead
In honour of the German presidency of the Council of the European Union, State Sectretary Dr Markus Kerber (German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community) and Prof. Dr Arnstein Aassve (Bocconi University) discussed what are the demographic parameters which support – or might prevent – individuals from being better prepared for the challenges of the pandemic.
Webinar 'The Aftermath of 2015 – Lessons Learnt From the So-Called Migration Crisis in Germany'
Five years after the so-called migration crisis of 2015, researchers evaluate its main impacts on governance: Have the legal and administrative provisions met the challenges? How can we improve to be better prepared for future immigration waves?
Dr Tom Emery, Deputy Director of the GGP
The GGP is now ready for a new round of data collection, with an improved new questionnaire. Want to know what are the key innovations and what will be possible to know? In this webinar, Dr Tom Emery, Deputy Director of the GGP presented an overview of the new questionnaire, how it can be adapted to different languages and contexts and what it will measure in terms of Sustainable Development Goals.
Demography Today
Our partners at the Spanish National Research Council, Center for Humanities & Social Sciences, Institute of Economy, Geography & Demography, Research Group on Demographic Dynamics have an ongoing lecture series entitled "Demography Today".
Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe
SHARE, the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe, is a multidisciplinary longitudinal survey for the study of the social, economic and health situation of people aged 50 and older in Europe. In 2004, SHARE started collecting representative data of the generation 50+ in eleven countries. Today, data from 27 European countries and Israel is available. SHARE has collected data from 140,000 respondents in 380,000 interviews.