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Society and Solidarity

Demographic Outlook for the European Union 2021 by Monika Kiss focuses on poverty as a global, EU-wide and regional phenomenon, and examines how poverty interacts with demographic indicators (such as fertility and migration rates) or with factors such as the degree of urbanisation. [...]
The CPop Research Seminars Series events are interdisciplinary as is their scientific audience, spanning across the fields of demography, public health, biology, mathematics, economics, political science and humanities. [...]
The European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan outlines concrete actions to further implement the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights as a joint effort by the Members States and the EU, with an active involvement of social partners and civil society. [...]
IPC 2021 warmly invite all researchers and policymakers working in population and related fields to submit an abstract of your recent research for presentation in an oral or poster session.   [...]
They invite proposals that have a conceptual and/or methodological scope, focus on specific populations, address specific phenomena, and Examine the ethical and political issues of invisibility and the will to make visible. [...]
Responding to increasing discomfort with the lack of diversity in studies of intimacy in later life, this seminar compares repartnering among middle class White British women and working class British Asian women in their ‘second phase of life’. bell hooks has written approvingly of the ‘second phase’ of life as a time, in mid-life after divorce and relationship breakdown, when women may move from a place of dependency and intimate inequalities towards stridently asserting their needs and desires. [...]
In this presentation, Megan explores whether the differences in menopause timing globally are facultative or not; and also assesses how the ecology of menopausal women might affect the severity and duration of their menopause symptoms. [...]
You are invited to submit proposals for presentations and posters for this online conference on topics including ageing and the life course, COVID-19 and older people in low and middle-income countries and effects of chronic conditions, co-morbidities and multimorbidity on the elderly [...]
Edited by Tiia Sorsa, Väestöliitto’s new population policy report, Sustainable Population Development in Finland, examines the trends currently affecting the population of Finland. [...]
To what extent does the societal context affect the influence of socio-economic status on the decision to have a child while cohabiting?
Judith Koops, Aart Liefbroer and Anne Gauthier (Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute) studied the role of the SES of one’s parents on having a first birth in cohabitation or marriage in 19 European and North American countries. [...]