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Projections and Forecasts

This open access book presents new developments in the field of demographic forecasting, covering mortality, fertility and migration. For each component emerging methods to forecast them are presented. Moreover, instruments for forecasting evaluation are provided. [...]
1 September 2020: Tuesday Dialogue of the Förderfonds Wissenschaft in Berlin
Stefan Liebig, Director of the Socio-Economic Panel and Member of the Board of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), preceded his presentation at the first Tuesday Dialogue with the question: What data are available to answer to important future challenges, and how can we better tap this potential and possibly even expand it considerably? [...]
Based on data, politics and business make decisions. In addition to research data, there is also survey data and, more recently, digital trace data that we leave behind on the Internet or in social media. How can we better match such data in order to detect changes in our population at an early stage? And how can we use such databases to generate new social and economic knowledge? [...]
The 22nd Nordic Demographic Symposium in Oslo will now be held from June 9-11, 2022. The symposium brings together researchers, students and other experts in population studies from the Nordic region. As more information becomes available, we will update this page. [...]
The AAL Programme will discuss the results of the European Commission’s recently published report on the Impact of the Demographic Change in Europe. [...]
The main aims of the course are to familiarise the participants with the most recent advances in building, analysing and documenting agent-based models of social processes. The course is aimed at PhD level students and early career researchers with prior experience with coding and interest in computational modelling in social science. [...]
The findings of the Commission’s Demography Report show that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Policymaking needs to zoom into the reality on the ground. The European Union, Member States and regions have a shared interest in responding to demographic change for the benefit of all Europeans. Demographic change will affect everybody and must be a factor that helps steer Europe’s recovery from the crisis and provide us with insights as we build a more resilient, sustainable and fair Union. [...]