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Projections and Forecasts

The UNFPA Regional Office together with UNFPA Serbia are convening a participatory panel discussion featuring leading experts, activists, researchers, journalists, and national and international development partners, as well as the report’s authors, to discuss ways in which these new opportunities can be harnessed.  [...]
In a document that sets out the lessons that must be learnt from Covid-19, the RSS has made ten recommendations for how statistics and data could be better used in future crises.   [...]
They invite proposals that have a conceptual and/or methodological scope, focus on specific populations, address specific phenomena, and Examine the ethical and political issues of invisibility and the will to make visible. [...]
Lecturers and participants from all over the world and from many different fields come to Cologne to take part in Europe's leading summer school on survey methodology, research design, and data collection. [...]
This paper by Laura de Dominicis, Lewis Dijkstra and Nicola Pontarollo focuses on the urban-rural divide in anti-EU sentiment, and tries to explain why cities – and urban areas in general - in Europe tend to vote less for Eurosceptic parties. [...]
Accessing experts’ opinions
To support scientists and policymakers in their endeavour to study often complex and volatile migration flows, this policy brief aims to understand where most of the uncertainty in the future migration comes from, and what can be done to reduce or manage this uncertainty. This brief is based on research conducted in the framework of the Horizon 2020 Project QuantMig: Quantifying Migration Scenarios for Better Policy ( [...]
The aim of this paper, building on a conceptual typology of migration uncertainty in Bijak and Czaika, is therefore to provide a deeper understanding of the uncertainty in the context of the tools used for forward-looking studies of migration, and to propose methods for analysing the uncertainty of complex migration processes across the different time horizons, with an explicit acknowledgement of their micro-foundations. [...]
Understanding Society is hosting a weeklong series of debates, designed to look beyond the pressures of reacting to COVID-19 and inform thinking about policy direction. [...]
The Comparative Panel File (CPF) is now online! It harmonises the world's largest and longest-running household panel surveys from seven countries. It is developed by Konrad Turek and Matthijs Kalmijn at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI-KNAW) and Thomas Leopold at the University of Cologne. [...]
On 11 December, the QuantMig project hosted a discussion with Jørgen Carling (Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO), Mathias Czaika (Danube University), and Marta Bivand Erdal (PRIO), moderated by Jakub Bijak (University of Southampton) about migration studies moving away from a more theoretical approach to empirical propositions that have a strong evidence base. [...]