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Family and Children

The Vienna Yearbook of Population Research (VYPR) is seeking submissions for a Special Issue entitled “Demographic Aspects of the COVID-19 Pandemic and its  Consequences”, which will be guest edited by (in alphabetical order) Paola Di Giulio, Joshua Goldstein, Anne Goujon and Guillaume Marois. Examples of topics include:  [...]
The International Network on Leave Policies and Research produces an annual review of leave policies and related research, covering Maternity, Paternity and Parental leaves; leave to care for sick children and other employment-related measures to support working parents; and early childhood education and care policy. [...]
Virtual conference, 3-5 December 2020
This online conference will explore the causes and consequences of low fertility and associated family change. Deadline for abstract submission: 31 October. [...]
Congratulations to Zsolt Spéder, Director of the Hungarian Demographic Research Institute (HDRI), for successfully defending his thesis and receiving the title of Doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences! [...]
What are the big questions for the future?
Settersten Jr., Bernardi, Härkönen & colleagues explain how a life course perspective can make an important contribution to understanding the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on individuals, families and populations. [...]
The 22nd Nordic Demographic Symposium in Oslo will now be held from June 9-11, 2022. The symposium brings together researchers, students and other experts in population studies from the Nordic region. As more information becomes available, we will update this page. [...]
Gousia & colleagues used the Understanding Society longitudinal study to investigate the effects of employment on chances of housing autonomy among young people in the UK. They found significant negative effects of past as well as anticipated unemployment, as well as some important gender differences. [...]
This innovative Handbook, edited by Jane Falkingham, Maria Evandrou and Athina Vlachantoni, offers a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of demographic change across the lifecourse. [...]
Properties of infertility perceptions over time
To better understand and to shine more light on infertility, Jasmin Passet-Wittig and Martin Bujard (German Federal Institute for Population Research), Julia McQuillan (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and Arthur L. Greil (Alfred University) looked specifically at individuals’ perceptions about their ability to reproduce in Germany. [...]
A newly announced three-year European Union Twinning initiative will support the development of research methods expertise at the University of Tallinn, Estonia. The aim is to strengthen research on youth transitions from a life course perspective. [...]