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Family and Children

This report presents the findings of the Living, working and COVID-19 e-survey, carried out by Eurofound and finds that the first round reflected widespread emotional distress, financial concern and low levels of trust in institutions. Levels of concern abated somewhat in the second round, particularly among groups of respondents who were benefiting from support measures implemented during the pandemic. [...]
Does being conceived with help of medically assisted reproduction play a role?
Alice Goisis and Maria Palma (Centre for Longitudinal Studies, Social Research Institute, UCL) looked at parent-child relationships of individuals around the age of 14 in the UK. Their results suggest that differences between the medically assisted reproduction and natural conception families in terms of closeness and frequency of quarrelling are small, and generally not statistically significant. [...]
The study by Linda Kridahl, Ann-Zofie Duvander at Stockholm University examines adult children’s propensity to provide personal care to older parents in Sweden by gender of adult child, parental breakup in childhood and parent’s living arrangements. [...]
Divorce in Europe collects the major discussions in divorce research in Europe. Why was divorce increasing so rapidly throughout the US and Europe and do we see signs of a turn? Do cohabitation breakups influence divorce trends or is there a renewed stability on the partner market? [...]
In December 2020, the Centre for Fertility and Health was awarded 40 million NOK by the Research Council of Norway to support the Centre in three new projects: (1) Sickness in the Family, (2) Transitions in the Education System and (3) Women's Fertility. [...]
Population Europe welcomes the Social Research Institute, a centre of the University College London, as the 36th partner in the Network of Europe's leading demographic research centres. [...]
5th Transforming Care Conference
The organizing committee of the Transforming care 2021 conference now invites you to submit your abstract to one or more of their Thematic Panels. Topics include the COVID-19 pandemic, aging, foster care, disability policies and many more. [...]
This Research Topic aims to fill gaps in knowledge about the interactive relationship between families and COVID-19 by exploring evidence from different international and disciplinary perspectives. Contributors will demonstrate how the pandemic and policy interventions can exacerbate or mitigate socio-economic inequalities. [...]
Filling the gaps in asylum hearing procedures for unaccompanied minors
Almost 14,000 unaccompanied minors – children under the age of 18 – registered as asylum seekers in the European Union (EU) in 2019, according to Eurostat. The chances that they will receive asylum depend significantly on the story they tell. To address dilemmas in unaccompanied minors’ asylum hearing procedures and how to resolve these issues, the VULNER project organised a High-Level Expert Meeting  in October 2020. The meeting was chaired by project researchers Hilde Lidén (Institute for Social Research) and Sylvie Sarolea (Catholic University of Louvain). [...]