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Working Life

The NEET Youth in Finland
Since the onset of the recession in the late 2000s, youth "Not in Education, Employment or Training" (NEET) have received much public attention. Some examples of policymakers’ concerns include the long-term effects of NEET status on educational and labour market outcomes, health problems among NEETs, and the effects of a large NEET population on social cohesion in European societies. However, the statistical indicator NEET covers a multitude of different life situations and the use of the concept has received well-deserved critique for this ambiguity. [...]
PopFest is an annual Population Studies conference for postgraduate students organised by fellow postgraduates. It provides an excellent opportunity to bring together researchers from various Social Science disciplines such as Demography, Sociology, Social Statistics, Public Health, Social Policy, International Development, Human Geography, Urban and Landscape Planning, Social Anthropology, Gender studies and other related fields, with a focus on Population Studies. [...]
The ESRC Festival of Social Science is a celebration of the social sciences. It began life in 2002 as Social Science Week - a collection of around 25 events, mainly seminars aimed towards an academic audience. Over the years Social Science Week has grown to a much larger and more inclusive 'festival' of activities, aimed at policymakers, business, the public and young people. [...]
Judith Kohlenberger, Isabella Buber-Ennser & Bernhard Rengs have received the Renner Institut Kurt-Rothschild-Award 2019 for their "Displaced Persons in Austria Survey (DiPAS): Education, Qualifications and Moral Concepts of Refugees in Austria." [...]
The Sociology of Development section of the American Sociological Association has published a policy brief written by members of the Population Europe network: Francesco C. Billari (Bocconi University), Osea Giuntella (University of Pittsburgh), and Luca Stella (Bocconi University and Institute of Labor Economics, IZA). This brief, "Broadband Internet, Fertility and Work from Home", uses data from the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) to look at the possible impacts of access to high speed Internet on fertility choices in a low fertility setting. [...]
PRB’s World Population Data Sheet is an excellent reference and data analysis tool. Teachers are encouraged to have their students use the Data Sheet for a variety of topics and activities. The following series of short activities allows students to access a wealth of data on the world, regions, and individual countries, and develop their data literacy skills and knowledge of geography. [...]