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Ageing and Life Expectancy

How Long Young Adults Want and Expect to Live
Our lives are getting longer and longer – are we perhaps living “too long”? So far, little is known about how long people want to live, and most of the few existing studies have focused exclusively on middle-aged and older adults. Young adults are expected to live even longer than current generations, and they are also in the midst of making a number of decisions and establishing behavioural patterns that will dramatically affect their future development and health. [...]
Online consultation open until 4 December 2019
Next Steps is a longitudinal cohort study, following a nationally representative group of nearly 16,000 people born in England in 1989-1990. The aim of the Age 31 Sweep is to provide data for research and policy on the lives of this generation of adults in their early 30s. CLS is seeking input on the scientific content of the Age 31 Sweep. The aim of this open consultation is to help ensure that the data collected at age 31 is high quality and addresses key research and policy questions. [...]
Population Europe welcomes the Centre for Demographic and Ageing Research (CEDAR), a unit at Umeå University, as the 34th partner in the Network of Europe's leading demographic research centres. [...]
This book presents a rigorous enquiry into life course processes that are thought to influence health, integrating the latest methodologies for the study of pathways that link socio-demographic circumstances to health with an emphasis on the mediating factors that lie on these pathways. [...]