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Post-Doctoral Research Position in Migration and Health Inequalities

The Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR) is seeking to appoint a full-time post-doctoral researcher to join the newly established ERC-funded Research Group on Migration and Health Inequalities.

The group, led by Silvia Loi, will bring together experts from areas like Demography, Sociology, Statistics, Social Epidemiology and Public Health to address the pressing scientific and societal question: Why do immigrants age in poorer health compared to non-immigrants? 

They are seeking creative, self-driven, collaborative scholars with strong communication skills who can contribute to advancing one or more of these three research areas:

  1. quantify the gaps in healthy ageing trajectories between immigrants and non-immigrants by age, gender, socioeconomic status, and their interactions;
  2. identify the critical events and circumstances in immigrants’ lives that put them on a different healthy ageing trajectory from non-immigrants;
  3. study the impact of family composition and family ties in mitigating health inequalities by migration background.

The successful candidate must have a PhD (or receive it in 2024) in Demography, Sociology, Epidemiology, Statistics or related fields, and is expected to have a profile along at least one of the following lines:

  1. Migrant health
  2. Social determinants of health
  3. Social inequalities
  4. Measuring and modelling life-course processes

For inquiries about the position, please contact Silvia Loi at

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