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Study and Career

PhD in Demography

Objectives, Study Plan and Faculty

The basic aim of the PhD programme in Demography is to train researchers in basic and applied research in the population field. In order to achieve these objectives and to obtain the title of doctor, it is essential to produce a doctoral thesis, which must take the form of original research.

This PhD programme offers:

  • the academic training necessary to attain the knowledge, methodology and skills of critical analysis which make it possible to carry out original research.
  • the tools for achieving the necessary communication skills for making known and communicating the results of scientific work to the academic and professional communities.
  • internationalisation of training and research for PhD students by means of visits to internationally prestigious institutions and universities.


Study Plan

The doctoral degree is structured into lines of research supervised by lecturers from the UAB’s Department of Geography and the Centre for Demographic Studies. The thesis must have a single tutor (who may or may not be the thesis supervisor).


General Admission Requirements

  • Holding an official university degree, either Spanish or from any other country in the European Higher Education Area or, in other words, having obtained a minimum of 300 ECTS credits accumulated throughout the totality of formal university education. Of these credits, 60 or more must be at Master’s degree level.
  • Holding an official Spanish academic qualification, which entails having achieved a minimum of 300 ECTS credits. These graduates must obligatorily complete supplementary training requirements.
  • Holding a university degree obtained in accordance with the requirements of the educational system in other countries. It is not necessary to obtain official recognition of this qualification (homologation) by the Spanish authorities. However, it is necessary to obtain prior verification from the university which awarded the degree, stating that the qualification is equivalent to a master’s degree obtained from a Spanish university and that, in the country which awards the degree, it is sufficient qualification to allow access to a PhD programme.
  • Holding a Spanish PhD obtained in accordance with previous university regulations.


Admission to the PhD programme will be decided by the vice-chancellor and is subject to completion of supplementary training where required.

Additional Information

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