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Sustainable Population Development in Finland: The 2020 Population Policy Report by Väestöliitto

Sustainable Population Development in Finland Report Cover

Birth rates have fallen in Finland over the last ten years, and the population is ageing. These developments are challenging the structures of the welfare state, where the shrinking working-age population is supposed to be able to take care of a growing number of older people. How will the pension system and other public finances withstand the change? Could immigration be the solution? And how do we ensure that human and ecological sustainability are not overlooked in the pursuit of economic sustainability?

Väestöliitto’s new population policy report, Sustainable Population Development in Finland, examines the trends currently affecting the population of Finland. In addition to looking at the figures for birth rates, mortality and migration, the report analyzes where the developments stem from and what impact they will have on ecological, human and economic sustainability. Are they good or bad for different aspects of sustainability, and how can we influence them?

The report also presents Väestöliitto’s 10 population policy goals.