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Sonja Spitzer receives Dr. Maria Schaumayer Foundation award

Sonja Spitzer

Sonja Spitzer was honoured with the prestigious Maria Schaumayer Stiftung award for her excellent doctoral dissertation entitled “Health measures and healthcare utilisation in ageing populations: Demographic and economic perspectives”.

The award ceremony was held at the Austrian National Bank on 22 June 2022 during a festive event to mark the Foundation's anniversary. „I am grateful for receiving this award for my dissertation and would like to thank those who supported me throughout my PhD studies.”, says Sonja Spitzer.

The Dr. Maria Schaumayer Foundation was established in 1991 by Dr. Maria Schaumayer – the first female president of the Austrian National Bank – to encourage women to confidently strive for academic leadership positions. The Foundation aims to promote science, in particular the scientific research and achievements of Austrian women in the fields of natural sciences, economics, and political sciences as well as adult education.

Congratulations to Sonja Spitzer on receiving this award!


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