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New Partner Institute: Population Research Center at the University of Zurich


We are excited to welcome UZH Population Research Center as the 39th partner of the network.

The UZH Population Research Center (PRC) is a joint interdisciplinary initiative of professors and researchers from the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the University of Zurich. 

It aims to build a collaborative and integrated scientific platform for population-based research. The UZH PRC infrastructure and services support interdisciplinary studies, for example, by increasing the efficiency of study design, recruitment, data collection, and data management, with the ultimate goals of facilitating population-level research, achieving more representative and inclusive sampling, and generating valuable new insights into population-level phenomena, including for the public and for policymakers. 

The UZH PRC identifies synergies among studies in health and social science research across UZH. It also coordinates and organizes interdisciplinary activities across research groups and faculties, including in training and teaching activities.