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New Data Inventory on Syrian Migration to Europe

Syrian Migration to Europe, 2011-21: Data Inventory


Associated with the Bayesian Agent-Based Population Studies, Sarah Nurse and Jakub Bijak prepared an online inventory of data on Syrian migration to Europe in the last decade.

The overarching aim of their project is to develop a simulation model of a real migration flow, based on a population of interacting cognitive agents, which would integrate different aspects of behavioural and social theory with formal modelling. To remain true to the empirical roots of demography as a social science discipline, the model would need to be as much grounded in the observed social reality as possible. In this context, it is important to choose a migration test case with a large enough flow of migrants and a broad range of available information sources of data in order to allow investigation of the different theoretical and methodological aspects of the migration processes by formally modelling their behaviour. Knowing the different aspects of data collection and quality of information, and reflecting them in the model become important elements of the modelling endeavour.


Check out the data inventory now.