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The nest redefined: Global family changes

Dec 02 2022

Family and Household in Social Policy Webinar Series 2022

Speaker: Chia Liu

The transformation of family life in the past decades is the result of several demographic and social factors. The informalization of conjugal union and the decline of fertility led to smaller and more diverse households. Women’s increased presence in higher education and the workplace changed gender dynamics in opposite-sex partnerships. The combination of increased life expectancy and smaller family sizes led to a top-heavy dependency ratio. All these components redefine or challenge existing family norms. In this webinar, Dr Liu highlights theoretical and substantive knowledge on family demography from a cross-national perspective in three steps. First, she draws attention to unique family characteristics prevalent in several regions: female headship and early parenthood in Latin America, intergenerational coresidence in Asia, and transition to adulthood in Europe. Next, she identifies several social outcomes that have been linked to family structure and norms. Finally, she points to potential areas policymakers should address to facilitate higher individual autonomy and security in a time during which the nest is redefined.

Online, Zoom