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Ageing & Gender at Work from a Life-Course Perspective

International Workshop - Ageing & Gender at Work from a Life-Course Perspective

From early retirement and the life course of baby boomers to feminism and COVID-19, this LIVES conference brings together experts in population sciences.


  • Tuesday, September 20th, 2022
  • University of Lausanne, Château de Dorigny, Room 106
  • 4.30 - 7.00 pm

Full programme in PDF version



16:30 - Welcome & Introduction

Rocío Palomeque & Nicky Le Feuvre

16:40-17:40 - Session 1 - Chair: TBC

  • Gender, Health, and Financial Considerations for Nurses Approaching Retirement in Ireland and the UK
    Áine Ní Léime, Maggie O’Neill & Laura Airey
  • Understanding the Persistent Early Retirement Culture in Swiss Banks
    Rocío Palomeque & Nicky Le Feuvre
  • Neoliberal Feminism in Old Age
    Ella Fegitz

17:40-18:40 - Session 2 - Chair: TBC

  • Disruptive Divorce: Gendered Implications for Later-life Work and Retirement Outcomes
    Belinda Steffan, Jakov Jandric, Laura Airey & Wendy Loretto
  • The Worry about the COVID-19 Pandemic: Comparing Italian International Migrants and Natives in Switzerland
    Oana Ciobanu
  • Baby Boomer Life-course Patterns Across ‘Liberal’ Welfare Regime Countries
    Ignacio Madero-Cabib

18:40-19:00 - Discussion, Q&A - Chair: TBC