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Call for papers
Call for Papers
Wittgenstein Centre Conference 2024 on “Delayed Reproduction: Challenges and Prospects”
Call for Papers: Call for Papers: Wittgenstein Centre Conference 2019

Family formation is occurring at ever later ages around the world. Delayed reproduction brings new challenges for individuals and couples.  This conference will focus on shifting trends, drivers and consequences of delayed reproduction, paying special attention to biological constraints as well as to the impact of assisted reproduction technologies and their potential role in shaping future fertility trends.

The organisers especially invite contributions on the following themes:

  • Adapting to new parenthood timing: Fertility plans in contexts of delayed fertility, intentions and their (non)realisation at higher reproductive ages
  • Changing reproductive trajectories: Individual factors of childbearing associated with later birth schedules, shifting family paths
  • Social inequalities: Socio-economic disparities in late fertility, access to assisted reproduction
  • Societal consequences: Impact on childlessness and family size, changing norms related to reproduction and parenthood at later ages
  • Broken age limits to fertility? Biological limits and constraints to late reproduction, infertility
  • Reproductive techno-futures: Contribution of assisted reproductive technologies to late fertility, their potential and limits for the future
  • Policy responses: which policies can prevent or adapt to shifts to later reproduction

Keynote speakers: Jackie Boivin (Cardiff University), Anna Rotkirch (Population Research Institute) and Lucy van de Wiel (King’s College).

The conference will take place from 21-22 November 2024 in Vienna, Austria. 

Detailed information and online submission here.