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BAMF Research in Dialogue

Nov 04 2021

BAMF Reserach in Dialgoue

The Ausländerzentralregister (AZR) is a database maintained by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and contains information on foreign persons who have stayed or are staying in Germany for more than three months. It is one of the most comprehensive, automated registers of the German public administration, with about 18.9 million personal data records in the general data stock. Amendments to the Central Register of Foreigners Act have recently made it possible for researchers to use data from this register. The legal basis for this is § 24a Para. 6 and 7 AZRG.


Details on the data service

The research data offered by the BAMF Research Data Centre (BAMF-FDZ) comprises the "AZR Research Data Set 2021", a random sample from the total data stock of the AZR. The data set contains data on third-country nationals of full age who are staying or have stayed in Germany not only temporarily. The "AZR Research Data Set 2021" is de facto anonymised and access is provided via newly established guest research workplaces in Nuremberg. Furthermore, the data offered by the BAMF-FDZ contains personal address data including the necessary structural characteristics for conducting scientific surveys.


Topics of the online event

The BAMF-FDZ will provide information on the data available and how to use it. Data access requires an application and is linked to various prerequisites, which will also be explained during the online event on 4 November. They look forward to your participation!

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)