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The Network

Europe is becoming older and more diverse. The consequences of demographic change are challenging current and future generations in areas related to, among others, labour market participation, family life, health care, as well as education, social protection and environment. Reliable, up-to-date and evidence-based information is needed to develop effective and sustain able policies for the 21st century.

Population Europe provides this information.

The collaborative network of Europe’s leading demographic research centres promotes comprehensive knowledge and new insights based on top research findings, and makes them easily accessible to policy-makers, NGOs, scientists and other audiences interested in Europe’s population trends.

Eminent researchers assure the quality of the network’s publications and knowledge tools, which include Policy Briefs, Discussion Papers, PopDigests and a quarterly newsletter – just to name a few.

Population Europe also facilitates an intensive exchange between researchers and decision makers through regular conferences and workshops that are organised together with the network’s partners.