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Population Europe - A Virtual Tour

Population Europe is the collaborative network of Europe’s leading demographic research centres in the field of policy-relevant population studies.


We promote comprehensive knowledge and new insights based on top research findings, and make them easily accessible to policy makers, NGOs, scientists and other audiences interested in Europe’s population trends.

Population Europe was founded in 2009. The network builds upon the unique knowledge base of 33 institutes and 15 collaboration partners. Additionally, the network has more than 150 leading experts who support the activities of the network, for example, by participating in our various events and contributing to our publications.

Our main objective is to help communicate the research conducted by the partners and share this knowledge through our Discussion Paper series, our policy brief series Population and Policy Compact, and our PopDigests and Research News, which are summaries of recently published work in a peer-reviewed journal. Population Europe also facilitates an intensive exchange between researchers and decision makers through regular conferences and workshops, as well as webinars, that are organised together with the network’s partners.

Beginning in 2013, we began to broaden our efforts to bring demography to a more lay audience through the creation of the traveling exhibition "How to Get to 100 - and Enjoy It". This exhibition is now available as an app and in 2018, we published teaching materials that allow teachers to use the app in the classroom to educate their students about population change.

We also collect Study and Career Opportunities related to demography - if you would like to receive email notifcations about new opportunities, you can subscribe to Population Europe Study and Career Newsletter.


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