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Working Life

Education PhD in Economics, Warsaw School of Economics (2009) European Research Master of Demography, European Doctoral School of Demography (EDSD) at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock, Germany (2006) MSc in Quantitative Methods and Information Systems - Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw (2003) MSc in Economics - Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw (2003) Professional Career [...]
The interplay between family policies, attitudes and fertility in France and Germany
"Children under the age of three are best looked after by their mothers". This conviction is still shared by most Germans, whereas in France external childcare is a fully accepted alternative, even for infants. This is one result of a comparative study by Anne Salles, Clémentine Rossier, and Sara Brachet that explores the long-term effects of family policies on fertility. [...]
Costs and benefits of an ageing workforce from an European employersˆ perspective
Working longer and retiring later is not only a matter of whether older individuals want to remain active in the labour market as long as possible, but also depends on the employersˆ capacity and willingness to employ and retain older workers. A recent study by Hendrik P. van Dalen, Kne Henkens, Wilma Henderikse, and Joop Schippers analyses whether European employers support later retirement. [...]