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Turning the tables: policy and politics in an age of ageing
Blog post by Harald Wilkoszewski, Elke Loichinger, and Patrick I. Dick for "Population & Policy Bites"
Allianz European Demographer Award 2017
A prize to honor outstanding research in the field of population studies on demographic change in Europe
What Crisis?
Isabella Buber-Ennser and Judith Kohlenberger on the integration potential of refugees, "Population & Policy Bites"
"How to Get to 100"
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Carers, take care
Blog post by Dr Athina Vlachantoni (CPC, University of Southampton) on "Population & Policy Bites"
Population Insights
Demographic Overheating /// Non-standard Work Shifts /// Housing
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Media Service
If demography matters to you, as a journalist, Population Europe can help you.

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