Professor Dr Janina Jóźwiak
1948 - 2016
The Population Europe Secretariat is hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.
Demography Drives Your Future
Population Europe provides new insights, precise facts, and evidence-based findings at the forefront of population and policy research.
Education: The (not so) Great Equaliser
Blog post for "Population & Policy Bites" by Fabrizio Bernardi and Gabriele Ballarino
New Population Insights
Gender Equality /// Education&Obesity /// Living Longer
More than a village
Irene Böckmann (WZB) analyses the motherhood penalty for our our blog "Population & Policy Bites"
Keep abreast of population & policy research
Many of our PopDigests are now available in English, German, French, and Spanish
That (demographic) ship has sailed: Even a 100% turnout by young Brits could not have prevented Brexit
Blog post by Harald Wilkoszewski for "Population & Policy Bites"
International migration under the microscope
Population Europe researchers in Science Magazine
Media Service
If demography matters to you, as a journalist, Population Europe can help you.

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