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Working Life

Topics: Riding the Demographic Wave - Can Human Capital Development Substitute Consequences of Ageing? Developing Human Capital of the Adult Population: The Challenge of Life-Long Learning Active Ageing of the European Baby-Boomers Living Longer, Working Longer – How Pension Systems Support Postponement of Retirement In collaboration with the Warsaw School of Economics [...]
The 2015 edition of the ESDE review looks at the following topics: self-employment and entrepreneurship, labour legislation, long-term unemployment, mobility and migration, social dialogue, skills, and social protection systems with a particular focus on the labour market participation of older workers and women. [...]
by Agnes Uhereczky Let’s begin with a challenge. Find for me a working parent or carer who has not experienced some form of negative treatment from their boss or co-workers because of their caring responsibilities. This can range from sarcastic comments to outright demotion. I expect there are few. [...]
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  (Please note, even if the Call for Paper is announced in German, studies can also be presented in English).   Alterung – Arbeit – Gesundheit   Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Demographie lädt Sie ein, Beiträge zur gemeinsamen Jahrestagung der DGD und der Deutschen Statistischen Gesellschaft (DStatG) einzureichen. Die Jahrestagung findet im Rahmen der Statistischen Woche (19.-22.September 2017) an der Universität Rostock statt. [...]
Alterung – Arbeit – Gesundheit Zeitraum: 19. – 21. September 2017   [...]