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The Population Europe Yearbook provides an annual overview of the network's publications, its authors, and topics.

Pop Digest

Van Dalen, H.P., Henkens, K. Population and Climate Change: Consensus and Dissensus among Demographers. Eur J Population (2021).
Kreidl, M. & Žilinčíková, Z. (2021). How Does Cohabitation Change People’s Attitudes toward Family Dissolution? European Sociological Review.
Lindberg, J., Bhatt, R. & Ferm, A. (2021). Older people and rural eHealth: Perceptions of caring relations and their effects on engagement in digital primary health care. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences.
Comolli, C. and Vignoli, D. (2021). Spreading Uncertainty, Shrinking Birth Rates: A Natural Experiment for Italy. European Sociological Review, 1-16.
Koops, J. C., Liefbroer, A. C. & Gauthier, A. H. (2021). Having a child within a cohabiting union in Europe and North America: What is the role of parents‘ socio-economic status? Population, Space and Place.
Kreyenfeld, M., & Zinn, S. (2021). Coronavirus and care: How the coronavirus crisis affected fathers' involvement in Germany. Demographic Research, 44, 99-124.
Vaupel, J. W., Villavicencio, F., Bergeron-Boucher, M-P. (2021). Demographic perspectives on the rise of longevity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Mar 2021, 118 (9).
Dribe, M. & Scalone, F. (2020). SES differences in marital fertility widened during the fertility transition—evidence from global micro-level population data. SN Social Sciences, 1(21).
Scheuring, S., Voßemer J., Baranowska-Rataj A. and G. Tattarini (2021). Does Fixed-Term Employment Have Spillover Effects on the Well-Being of Partners? A Panel Data Analysis for East and West Germany. Journal of Happiness Studies.
Mussino, E., Gabrielli, G., Ortensi, L.E. et al. (2021), Fertility Intentions Within a 3-Year Time Frame: a Comparison Between Migrant and Native Italian Women. Int. Migration & Integration.
Janssen, F., Trias-Llimós, S., and A.E. Kunst  (2021) The combined impact of smoking, obesity, and alcohol on life expectancy trends in Europe. International Journal of Epidemiology.
Goisis, A. and Palma, M. (2021), Medically assisted reproduction and parent-child relationships during adolescence: Evidence from the UK Millennium Cohort Study. Human Reproduction, online first,

Policy Insights

Anelli, M. and Balbo, N. (2021) Fertility Drain or Fertility Gain? Emigration and Fertility During the Great Recession in Italy. Demography, 9001598.

Discussion Paper

Edel, A., Kübler, L., Lines, E., Nanz, P., Patzwaldt, K., Speiser, G., Stasiak, D. & Weißkopf, M. (2021). Crossing Borders: How public should science be? Discussion Paper No. 12, Berlin: Max Planck Society/Population Europe.

Policy Brief

Vono de Vihena, D. & Bijak, J. (2021). Uncertainty in Future Migration Flows: Where Does It Come From? Population & Policy Compact 29, Berlin: Max Planck Society/Population Europe.