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VULNER Webinar: 'Bridging Legal and Empirical Research Methods in Migration Research - What are the Challenges?'

Interdisciplinary research - combining law and empirical work - is becoming more and more common in the field of migration. Through approaching research questions from multiple perspectives, academics, governments and civil society organisations can deepen their knowledge on legal frameworks, and at the same time explore underlying power dynamics and the concrete effects of law on the ground.

In this webinar, Anuscheh Farahat and Marie-Claire Foblets discuss how legal and empirical research methods can be mobilized in efficient and convincing ways that ultimately support the development of evidence-informed migration policies. Sharing their past experiences, the speakers discuss concrete research tools and designs that you can use to bridge legal and empirical research methods; produce high-quality research results blending legal reasoning with on-the-ground realities; and translate results into a language accessible to wider audiences.


  • Introduction: Luc Leboeuf | Head of Research Group, Department ‘Law & Anthropology’, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
  • Speaker: Anuscheh Farahat | Professor of Public Law, Migration Law and Human Rights Law, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
  • Speaker: Marie-Claire Foblets | Director, Department ‘Law & Anthropology’, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
  • Moderator: Jessica Schultz | Postdoctoral Researcher, Law Faculty, University of Bergen

A recording of the webinar can be found here.