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Two tenured researchers at the French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED)

The French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) is recruiting two tenured researchers.

The successful applicants will enjoy permanent researcher status. They will develop their research within the context of the unit or units with which they are affiliated. They will be involved in promoting and leading research. They will also support research training through research.

The French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) is a public research organization. Its mission is to conduct research on all aspects of populations, to provide research training, and to report on the findings of its research to public authorities and the wider society.  


  • Positions of Tenured Research Scientist (Chargé∙e de recherche de classe normale) 
  • Qualification required: Doctorate/PhD 
  • Location: INED, Campus Condorcet, 9 cours des Humanités, 93322 Aubervilliers, France 
  • No age, gender or nationality restrictions 
  • Competition opening date: December 28, 2022 
  • Application submission deadline: January 30, 2023 


The research conducted at INED focuses on population questions, whether they relate to contemporary or historical issues. A wide variety of disciplinary approaches are employed in this research, drawing on the fields of demography, sociology, economics, history, geography, medicine, epidemiology, statistics, anthropology, etc.    

INED’s scientific vision for the next few years (see the 2021-2025 strategic orientations document - is based on the following major topics and sub-topics:  


- Stages of the life cycle: Childhood, education and transition to adulthood; Unions and fertility; Parenthood and family; Gender and sexuality; Life trajectories, inequalities and socioeconomic mobility; Life circumstances in older age. 

- Population health: Inequalities and disparities; Longevity; Health transition in the Global North and South; Sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

- Space, mobility and migration: Housing; Mobility and territorial dynamics; Life trajectories of migrants and their descendants; Inequalities, discrimination, and racism. 

- Crises and populations: Populations and the environment; Consequences of health crises; Political and socioeconomic upheavals and demographic trends. 


Alongside these various topics, cross-cutting research involves analysis of interactions between actors and public policies (including social, family, employment, migration and housing policies), or companies. There is a particular focus on studying the effects of these policies on population behaviours and on inequalities and discrimination. INED’s research is based on a very wide range of data types: surveys, archives, administrative data, corporate data, geographical and satellite data, big data, etc. Data sources cover not only France but also various other countries, to enable international comparison. INED has a long tradition of research in countries of the Global South. 


Job description: 

The successful applicants will have tenured researcher status. They will develop their research within the context of the unit or units with which they are affiliated. They will be involved in promoting and leading research. They will also support research training through research.  


Applicants must have a doctorate in a subject relevant to population studies (demography, sociology, economics, history, geography, medicine, epidemiology, statistics, anthropology, etc.) as well as an excellent knowledge of quantitative methods applied to social sciences. 

Desired experience: 

A broad range of experience (work with different research laboratories, work abroad, teaching, involvement in survey design, involvement in the organization of a scientific event, etc.) and a willingness to embrace multi-disciplinary and multi-method approaches (including using qualitative methods) would be desirable. 


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French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED)

For any questions on the administrative part of the application, candidates can contact the 
researcher competitions office:, tel.: +33 (0)1 56 06 20 

For any questions on the scientific part of the application or for more information about the 
position, host unit, or working environment, candidates can contact the heads of the relevant 
research units, according to their research interests: