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Pre-Doctoral Researcher

The Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, at the Goethe University Frankfurt and the CLBO (Center for Leadership and Behavior in Organizations), with the support of the Karl Schlecht Foundation, invites applications for a position for a Pre-Doctoral Researcher (m/f/d) (E13 TV-G-U, 65%-part-time) available for three years. The salary grade is based on the job characteristics of the collective agreement applicable to Goethe-University (TV-G-U).

The position is located at the Team of the Sociology of Work, Professor Heather Hofmeister, Ph.D.

The successful applicant will conduct research and teaching and in the course of the position finish a dissertation. The research is focused on cooperation in the Karl Schlecht Foundation project on Trust in Organizations, working together with colleagues in Economics and Social Psychology. Other projects with the CLBO are possible in addition. The candidate’s innovative (cumulative) dissertation should be in the areas of the Sociology of work, leadership, trust, and organizations. Active involvement with the CLBO is expected. The CLBO is a practice-oriented research institute of the Goethe-University Frankfurt. Researchers from economy, psychology and sociology are conducting research, lectures and consulting on topics from human resource management in an interdisciplinary way.  The candidate will be involved with the other project members, the CLBO associates, and participate in workshops, talks, and international and national networks of the CLBO.

For teaching, the expectation is to teach one course per year at the BA level in the area of the Sociology of Work. Developing professional skills and qualifications for an academic or professional career are also expected.


Application requirements

  • MA, MPhil, Dipl, or MSc in Sociology or a closely related field is required. Specialties in the sociology of work and / or organizations, and experience with social psychology or economics (such as a minor, concentration, practical experience, or other demonstrated interest) is especially welcome.
  • excellent English-language speaking and writing skills.
  • German language skills or willingness to acquire them.
  • experience in qualitative methods, especially interviews and / or participant observation, or an interest and initiative in developing these skills.
  • good statistical knowledge (SPSS, STATA, and/or R, Mplus) or an interest in learning enough to understand results in quantitative methods.
  • evidence of solid skills in research design.
  • research goals that fit into their existing and planned research.
  • personal motivation, conscientious and independent work skills, initiative, interest and ability in working within a team and clarity on own life goals.


About them

This project is closely associated with the interdisciplinary Center for Leadership and Behavior in Organizations ( The candidate will work closely together with predoctoral candidates in economics and psychology for the three years and conduct research at a variety of sites. The sociology team is typically comprised of one to two post-docs, one to two pre-docs, an administrative manager, student assistants, and Prof. Heather Hofmeister ( They’re located within the Frankfurt Sociology Department ( and affiliated with InFER: Institute for Empirical-Analytical Research ( They have an international network and predispositions to interdisciplinary and future-oriented research.  There is a wing of the team that works in science communication and scientific transfer (making findings accessible to a broader audience). They enjoy flat hierarchies, lots of independence, and a respectful and caring work environment.  They keep in touch with those from their team who have moved on to other positions and enjoy good relationships with each other, their students and their colleagues.

Frankfurt is a city of 700,000, with many industries and a strong banking sector, full of historical neighborhoods, and well connected by plane and rail to Europe and the world: it’s the largest airport hub in continental Europe. The university was founded in 1919 by local citizens and continues a strong outreach and practice orientation, while being a world-renowned research-oriented university. The sociologically famous Frankfurt School was founded here, and a strong tradition in sociology and political science continues: they are the largest social science department in Germany.  Their park-like campus is new and has excellent facilities while being connected to the city center in a 5 minutes subway ride. 


Application materials

  • a CV detailing your academic and work experience, publications or independent written work, and related experience that you deem relevant for the application.
  • a description of your research and teaching past, present, and future.
  • a statement of your motivation for this position (this can be in your cover letter).
  • one example of a written piece of research work that can clearly show your abilities for research design, analytical thinking, writing and use of qualitative or quantitative techniques. This could be a masters thesis.
  • names and contact information for two references.
  • records of your course work and university degrees. 

Please send your materials electronically, clearly labeled, per Email to the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, using the Subject line 18/2022. Applications will be reviewed starting on 30th August 2022.

Goethe University Frankfurt
Frankfurt am Main
Goethe University Frankfurt