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PhD in sociology

The department of Sociology announces a Phd position.

The applicant to the Phd shall profile its submitted research plan against one of the two orientations. Also state your choice of orientation in your personal letter.


Orientation 1

Within the research group for Digital Sociology, they are studying how the internet and social media impact on the conditions for politics and civil society. An ever-growing part of our social lives are enacted through digital platforms, and it is clear that their network logic and algorithmic underpinnings have an effect on activism and the formation of opinion. Hashtag campaigns such as #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter, as well as the recurring discussions about the role of social media in relation to political elections, illustrate this. If you want to do your PhD within this area, you should formulate your research plan in relation to one or both of the following issues: (1) How does the logic of social media (virality, memes, hashtags, etc.) impact on the conditions for politics and activism? (2) How can algorithms and automation enable political activism, and how can it hinder it? Your project can be based on ethnography, text analysis, analysis of social media data, or combinations thereof. Read more about the research group; Digital Sociology (


Orientation 2

Attitude research about immigration and the environment

They seek a PhD student interested in pursuing research concerning the climate change-migration nexus. Immigration has become one of the most politically salient issues of the century. Parallel to this development, climate change has emerged as an existential threat to human societies. An inevitable consequences of climate change will be in an increase in migration, both internal and international. The successful applicant will pursue research in collaboration with two research teams in the Department of Sociology at Umeå University, one focused on reactions to immigration and the other focused on attitudes towards climate change. Proposed projects should focus on the intersection of immigration and climate political attitudes or behavior, such as how attitudes about immigration relate to the political salience of climate change. Applicants should be competent in quantitative methods, although the successful candidate may combine quantitative and qualitative methods in their doctoral research. Read more about the research group; Environmental attitudes and behavior (

Immigration attitudes, nationalism, and racism (


Requirements and qualifications

To possess basic eligibility, the applicant should hold an advanced degree, have completed studies equivalent to at least 240 higher education credits, at least 60 of which at an advanced level, or in some other manner have acquired skills which are equivalent to this requirement.

To meet the requirements for individual eligibility, an applicant must have satisfactorily undertaken courses within Sociology equivalent to at least 90 higher education credits and 60 higher education credits at advanced level in Sociology (magister level), or equivalent competence.


Position requirements

The announced position concerns fulltime emplyment as a doctoral student with the aim of achieving a doctorate. The doctoral student’s main task is to follow the syllabus of the doctoral program, which includes carrying out research within the project, as well as taking doctoral program courses. You are expected to carry out most of the work at the Department of Sociology at the University of Umeå. Work tasks may also include teaching and other departmental tasks (up to 20%). The position is time limited to four years for full time study and may be extended by up to one year dependent on extent of departmental work. In a first round, the employment contract is for one year, and is then renewed every 2 years under the condition that the individual study plan is being followed.



  • The application should contain the following documents:
  • Research plan describing the proposed dissertation project (maximum two pages). The plan should be related to the text in the “research project” section.
  • Letter of application including a personal resume and motivation for application (maximum one page).
  • Verified CV including relevant academic degrees and previous work experience.
  • University transcripts with grades.
  • Copy of degree certificate.
  • Essays or academic publications.
  • Any other document that demonstrates merit.
  • Name and contact information of two references.
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