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Two Postdoctoral Researchers

Two postdoctoral appointments are offered for social scientists with excellent analytical and writing skills that have recently completed their PhD or will complete it by the summer of 2020. The candidates will join the project “Healthy lifespan inequality: Measurement, trends and determinants”, funded by the European Research Council as a Consolidator Grant to Dr. Iñaki Permanyer and hosted by the Center for Demographic Studies (CED) in Barcelona. HEALIN is a 5-year project that will start in June 2020.  

Aspiring candidates should be highly motivated and have a solid background in Demography, Epidemiology and/or Public Health. Researchers working in the field of  health inequalities are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to candidates with  strong quantitative and writing skills. The candidates will be invited to develop their own research agenda within the broad scope of the project’s goal, which include:   

  • To conduct comparative cross-national research on health inequalities on the basis of socio-demographic and health surveys, and other population health registers.  
  • To document and analyze the extent of inequality in the distribution of healthy and unhealthy lifespans across individuals living in different populations.  
  • Explore, clean and analyze the population health registers for the population of Catalonia (with 7.5 Million residents).  

The selected candidates are expected to join the project as soon as possible (at most six months after the final resolution). We offer a 2 year contract that can be extended to 1 more year in case of mutual consent. The salary will be commensurate with experience and in line with the standard postdoctoral positions in the Spanish research system – i.e.: “Juan de la Cierva-incorporación” for junior post-docs with less than 2 years after the dissertation (gross salary around 27.000 Euros per year) and “Ramón y Cajal” for senior post-docs (gross salary around 31.600 Euros per year). The candidates will be encouraged to present their results in international conferences and publish in major social sciences journals. There are no teaching obligations involved. Women are welcome. 

Project Description 

The HEALIN project aims at investigating a currently unexplored area of research: what is the extent of inequality in the distribution of healthy and unhealthy lifespans across individuals? For that purpose, it proposes to construct a new class of population health measures: the ‘healthy lifespan inequality’ indicators. The project main aims’ include (1) Investigate the trends and determinants of healthy lifespan inequality; (2) Assess whether the specific ages and causes that drive changes in these indicators are the same ones determining the changes in other population health indicators (like ‘life expectancy’, ‘health expectancy’, or ‘lifespan inequality’); and (3) Investigate how these indicators behave across and within countries and socio-economic groups. In addition to traditional socio-economic and health data sources, the project will complementarily draw from the vastly underutilized health registers for the population in Catalonia. Their large size and micro-level design allow for the investigation of trends in healthy lifespan inequality with unprecedented detail. 

About CED 

The Center for Demographic Studies ( was born in 1984 as a public institute for research, education and training in Demography. It is located in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) campus. It currently hosts over 60 members, 

including own and UAB affiliated senior researchers, graduate and post-doctoral students, visiting fellows, and technical staff. Researchers at CED are engaged in multiple research activities, mainly funded through competitive calls both at national and international levels.  

CED researchers specialize on a wide range of topics: fertility and family dynamics; gender studies, work, ageing, and retirement; international migrations; housing, and residential mobility. CED is one of the largest population centers in Europe. It is an active 

member of the Population Europe network and the European Doctoral School of Demography. Besides, the CED offers a friendly working environment.  

The CED offers an excellent and pleasant working environment in a privileged location, conveniently connected to the center of Barcelona by train (30 minutes ride).  

Application Process 

The following documentation should be attached: 

  • A detailed curriculum vitae. 
  • One or two pieces of the most relevant academic work. 
  • A one page motivation letter. 
  • Names, affiliations and contact details of three persons who might eventually be contacted to provide information about the candidate. 

Applications should be sent to: demog [at], with the subject: ERC HEALIN postdoc application (family name of the applicant). 

The deadline for the application is April 15, 2020. Final decision will be made by the end of May. Shortlisted candidates may be invited to give a talk during May.  

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