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Policy Brief

Preventing Inequalities in Ageing Societies

Is there a rising risk of more unequal ageing?

Key messages:

  • Inequality in old age is a reflection of individuals’ paths over their entire life course.
  • Younger generations in Europe today are likely to face higher inequality in old age due to less stable labour market conditions and widening inequalities in the distribution of earnings and household income.
  • The reduction of inequalities inside societies must be tackled by measures addressing both intra-generational and intergenerational inequalities.
  • In order to equalise life chances, state transfers for high quality education and care for children (especially from disadvantaged backgrounds) should increase substantially.
  • A well-designed policy package to combat inequalities should be based on three pillars: Prevent inequality at early ages, mitigate inequality among youth and adults, and tackle inequality at older ages.