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New Podcast "Demography and Society in Focus"

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Demographie e.V. launched a German-language podcast last month, "Demography and Society in Focus" ("Demografie und Gesellschaft im Fokus"). The aim of the podcast is to make demographic research more accessible for non-scientists. In approximately 20-minute interviews, scientists provide insight into their current research. The first two episodes are dedicated to current COVID-19 research efforts at the Robert Koch Institute and at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research. Future episodes will be released in the coming weeks. 

You can listen to the podcasts on their website at this link. You can also find the podcasts on Spotify by clicking on this link or by entering "Demographie" or "Gesellschaft im Fokus" in the search field. If you have an Apple device and the Podcasts app installed, you can also simply enter the URL address of the feed ( - this link only works within the Apple Podcasts app) in the search field and subscribe to the podcast.

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