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2018 Allianz European Demographer Awards for Kieron Barclay and Fanny Janssen

Kieron Barclay & Fanny Janssen were the winners of the 2018 Allianz European Demographer Award. Source: Michael Fahrig.

During an award ceremony on 10 April 2018 at the heart of Berlin, at the Allianz Forum, Kieron Barclay and Fanny Janssen were honoured with the 2018 Allianz European Demographer Awards. The award ceremony was held on occasion of the opening event of the Berlin Demography Forum, with eminent decision-makers and representatives in attendance from research and business, as well as from political and societal organisations.

The prize honours outstanding research in the field of population studies on demographic change in Europe. The research should be at the frontier of anthropological, biological, economic, historical, mathematical, political, sociological or statistical population studies, achieved by a researcher in the early stage of their career and a researcher at a more advanced stage.

Dr Kieron Barclay, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock, Germany, received the prize as a promising and upcoming researcher, who obtained his Ph.D. within the period of 2012-2017. His achievements in research include ground-breaking studies on the factors at very early stages of children’s lives that influence their chances later in life, particularly the fertility behaviour and the living conditions of the parents.

Professor Dr Fanny Janssen, University of Groningen, received the prize as a more experienced researcher, who obtained her Ph.D. within the period of 2002-2007. Her outstanding research record includes a number of highly influential studies on the long-term development of mortality and health patterns across Europe. This research has substantially contributed to the ability to better understand mortality trends and mortality differences between countries and sexes, and to come-up with better projections of future life expectancy.

The evaluation committee, composed of highly renowned international experts in population studies, honours the outstanding scientific excellence and the highly innovative research achievements of both candidates, which are of great scientific relevance and high international visibility.


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Former winners of the award were Jakub Bijak (University of Southampton), Tomáš Sobotka (Vienna Institute of Demography), Felix C. Tropf (University of Oxford) and Helga de Valk (Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, The Hague).