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News from the Network

Two excellent teams of researchers at the Stockholm University Demography Unit (SUDA) have received significant grants from Vetenskapsrådet, the Swedish Research Council. [...]
The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Demographie has launched a German-language podcast, 'Demography and Society in Focus' ('Demografie und Gesellschaft im Fokus'). [...]
Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 EAPS Awards from our network: Elizabeth Thomson (Stockholm University Demography Unit), Daniele Vignoli (University of Florence), Martin Kolk (Stockholm University Demography Unit), Trude Lappegård (University of Oslo) and Liili Abuladze (Tallinn University). [...]
Congratulations to Zsolt Spéder, Director of the Hungarian Demographic Research Institute (HDRI), for successfully defending his thesis and receiving the title of Doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences! [...]
The Förderfonds Wissenschaft in Berlin and the Secretariat of the European research network Population Europe announce the 2021 winners of the European Demographer Awards. [...]
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Guest edited by Phil Rees (School of Geography, University of Leeds, UK) and Nikola Sander (German Federal Institute for Population Research), Comparative Population Studies (CPoS) is now publishing a special issue on the role of internal migration as a driver of regional population change in Europe. [...]
Congratulations to Diederik Boertien (Centre for Demographic Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona), Mathias Lerch (MPIDR) and Ben Wilson (Stockholm University Demography Unit, SUDA) for receiving a prestigious ERC Starting Grant! [...]
Starting in August 2020, Pavel Grigoriev, a research group leader at the German Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB), is steering a new five-year European Research Council (ERC) project entitled “Regional Disparities in Cause-Specific Mortality in Europe: The role of local context and national health policies” (REDIM). [...]
Kostas Rontos of the University of the Aegean is leading a new project entitled, “The perspective of a permanent refugees’ and immigrants’ settlement in Greece: Revealing the demographic and sociο-economic consequences and their importance for the Greek society’s acceptance”.  [...]
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has launched a new Demographic Resilience Programme to strengthen demographic resilience in Europe and Central Asia. [...]