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Interactive & Teaching

The network and its partners offer a broad range of interactive tools, educational materials, videos and software, which explain major demographic trends and can be used in school classrooms, universities and other educational facilities.

In cooperation with the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, a podium discussion was held to discuss the relationship between science and policy. [...]
The New Questionnaire of the Generations & Gender Survey: What are the innovations? with Dr Tom Emery (Deputy Director of GGP)   [...]
The GGP is now ready for a new round of data collection, with an improved new questionnaire. Want to know what are the key innovations and what will be possible to know? In this webinar, Dr Tom Emery, Deputy Director of the GGP presented an overview of the new questionnaire, how it can be adapted to different languages and contexts and what it will measure in terms of Sustainable Development Goals. [...]
Our partners at the Spanish National Research Council, Center for Humanities & Social Sciences, Institute of Economy, Geography & Demography, Research Group on Demographic Dynamics have an ongoing lecture series entitled "Demography Today". [...]
This short video will introduce you to Population Europe and our network. More information is available on on our About page. Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook! [...]