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Call for papers
Call for Papers
Call for Sessions: Mini-Call for special topic sessions
World Data Forum

The Programme Committee has concluded their review of the session proposals submitted as part of the call conducted last year and have decided to conduct another focused mini-call to obtain select topics related to the Covid-19 experience.
You are invited to submit a proposal for consideration by the Programme Committee for inclusion in the UNWDF 2021 on the following topics:

  • Innovations in agile and resilient data systems during Covid-19 (risk prevention, mitigation and recovery)
  • Leave no one behind in Covid-19 health data
  • Data communication and use for informed decision-making during Covid-19

The session may also highlight data innovations for means of implementation to build a better future after the pandemic.


Selection process

Proposals will be evaluated against a set of criteria to ensure that they meet all the key requirements for the Forum.
The Programme Committee will consider the following criteria when evaluating proposals:

  1. Relevance and impact – session is aligned with the specific topics requested and contributes to the overall objectives of the Forum;
  2. Diversity of speakers – session speakers, presenters and moderator reflect a mix of data communities, different geographical regions and balanced gender representation;
  3. Data Innovation showing a fresh approach – session includes discussion of innovative data sources, approaches, method, partnerships;
  4. Creativity in session format –a creative session design is likely to foster engagement/interaction with the audience;
  5. Demonstrates concrete and practical experiences –session showcases and discusses concrete experiences with data production and data use, and offers concrete recommendations or launch of new initiatives and partnerships.

Only proposals with a balanced gender representation will be considered. Also, preference will be given to sessions that include a higher mix of data communities and different geographical regions. Where possible, special emphasis on engagement with policy makers and the inclusion of high-level speakers will be considered an asset.

The Programme Committee encourages collaboration and joint proposals bringing together various data communities to strengthen the proposals and ensure a diverse representation. Furthermore, the Programme Committee or the High-level Group for Partnership, Coordination and Capacity-Building (HLG-PCCB) may request revisions to some proposals, or for proposals with very similar content and/or with the same speakers to be merged. Revised proposals are subject to the approval of the Programme Committee and/or HLG-PCCB.

Please note that decisions about the inclusion of a session proposal is based on the content and composition of proposal as well as the proposed session format, when submitted. If there are significant changes to the session, in its composition, focus, or session format, the Programme Committee and/or HLG-PCCB reserve the right to cancel sessions.

The final programme will be approved by the UN Statistical Commission’s High-level Group for Partnership, Coordination and Capacity-Building.