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Thematic Conference: Technological Change, Digitalization and Life Course Inequalities

Sep 20 2021 - Sep 21 2021

Technological Change, Digitalization and Life Course  Inequalities

Technological change has major implications for social inequality. Most of the research focuses on changes in skill requirements and labour market transformations. Yet, digitalization, more than ever before, has the potential to impact inequalities across a wide range of life domains and for different groups in society. This workshop aims to connect researchers to discuss the most important developments and challenges that digitalization has for inequality. The aim is to stimulate and cross-fertilize research on digitalization and inequality regarding various dimensions of the life course and life periods/stages, across various institutional settings. Example questions are: Are gender inequalities intensified or alleviated by technological changes? Do digital technologies foster family relations across generations? What are the implications of changes in skill requirements at work for the reproduction of social inequality? Can elderly benefit from technological advancements or are they left behind? How does digitalization impact ethnic inequalities and segregation (e.g., language barriers, labour market integration)?

This workshop encourages contributions on the following topics (but not limited to)

  • Labor market inequality;
  • Family relations;
  • Gender inequality;
  • Cognitive and noncognitive skills;
  • Educational inequality;
  • Work-life interferences;
  • Well-being;
  • Civic and democratic participation

Keynote Speakers

  • Tali Kristal, University of Haifa
  • Mario L. Small, Harvard University
  • Glenda Quintini, OECD


SOCIUM Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy, University of Bremen; Berlin Social Science Center (WZB)
Haus der Wissenschaft Bremen
Bremen, Germany