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Call for papers
Call for Papers
Call for Papers: Statistics, Politics and Policy

Many societies in Europe and Asia are ageing rapidly. Changes in the age distribution of a society do not only impact welfare and especially pension systems, but they can also influence political sysMtems on a broader level, for example through age effects on turnout. In other countries we observe shifts in the ethnic or religious composition of the population. These shifts might impact election results, power relationships within society and between political parties or even individual voting behavior. Migration, as another prominent demographic factor, influences politics as well. It is thus obvious that demography impacts politics. This relationship is of course bidirectional: Reproductive policies that enable or hinder women's control over reproductive decisions, and subsequently affect fertility rates, provide a clear example of the impact of politics on demographics. Other demographic factors that are shaped by politics and policies include mortality rates and migration flows. Even though interactions between demographic factors and politics are frequent and powerful, the intersection of political science and population studies has for a long time remained under-researched. This is now slowly beginning to change (e.g. Goldstone, Kaufmann & Duffy Toft 2012, Teitelbaum 2015, Goerres & Vanhuysse 2021) – a process Statistics, Politics, and Policy journal would like to support. In this special issue thus contributions to the field of political demography are invited.

Submissions on the following areas and topics are especially invited:

• Ageing Societies/Changes in the age structure of societies and politics

• Reproduction and politics

• Demography, conflicts, and violence

• Demography and democracy

• Migration, politics and policies

• Data-based theoretical contributions to the field

Submission of research notes (5,000 words max.) and full articles (9,000 words) are accepted for this special issue.

Rewarding outstanding work

In 2023 and 2024 the Board of Editors will award the Emil J. Gumbel Prize to the author of an outstanding contribution published in Statistics, Politics and Policy. The reward includes a financial incentive of 500 USD.

SPP exclusively publishes in English and features a high-profile board of editors with diverse international backgrounds and longstanding expertise. SPP is currently indexed and will receive a SCOPUS impact factor in 2023.

All submissions are double-blind peer-reviewed by experts of the related fields and disciplines and only selected for print if they are found to be suitable in quality..

Submissions are accepted without extensive pre-formatting and style adaptation during review process. Papers can be adapted to the production format after acceptance.