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14th Conference of Young Demographers

Feb 08 2023 - Feb 10 2023

14th Conference of Young Demographers

The annual international Conference of Young Demographers is held at the Faculty of Science, Charles University traditionally in the first half of February. They welcome submissions from all fields of demography, as well as all related areas of population studies. They aim to create a relaxed and welcoming environment where especially early career researchers can share their work in progress and thoughts with their peers.

It is their great pleasure to announce that Prof. Daniele Vignoli will be joining them as a keynote speaker. Daniele is a Professor of Demography at the University of Florence in Italy and he focuses mainly on family demography and uncertainty and fertility.

They understand the pressure they might feel at big international conferences full of well-established professors (they feel it too). So they try to provide an opportunity to try to present without worries, often for the first time in their lives. After 13 years, they have become quite popular among (not only) European demographers, and many of them are returning to their conference each year. In spite of that, they still try to improve and find new ways of making the conference better, fresh and definitely not boring.

Therefore they encourage everyone to try new things and be bold; they love unconventional ways of presenting the research, and most importantly, they support fun. Because demography is fun.


Young Demographers
Faculty of Science, Charles University