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SUDA Demographic Colloquium: The Demography of COVID-19 deaths in Sweden

Sep 03

Date: 03 September 2020, 1.00 PM - 03 September 2020, 2.30 PM

Venue: Online over Zoom and in person, room B900

Presentation of three population-based register studies from the Stockholm University Demography Unit.

Open to the public - all welcome

This colloquium will be held both in person in B900, Universitetsvägen 10B, floor 8, and online via Zoom – you will find the link here. 

The following studies will be discussed: 

Drefahl S, Wallace M, Mussino E, Aradhya S, Kolk M, Brandén M, Malmberg G, Andersson G. Socio-demographic risk factors of COVID-19 deaths in Sweden: A population-based cohort study

Rostila M, Cederström A., Wallace M, Brandén M, Malmberg B, Andersson G. Disparities in covid-19 deaths by country of birth in Stockholm, Sweden: A total population based cohort study on the contribution of socioeconomic status and living conditions

Aradhya S, Brandén M, Drefahl S, Obućina O, Andersson G, Rostila M, Mussino E, Juárez S. Acculturation does not explain excess COVID-19 mortality among immigrants in Sweden

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Stockholm University Demography Unit (SUDA)