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Second International Seminar on New and Emerging Family Forms around the World

Jan 20

This panel brings together researchers from around the world to discuss theories and explanations for changes in family behaviours. The panel’s second workshop, in Manila, will focus on consequences of new family formation behaviours, for individuals, families, and society. We are interested in a range of living arrangements, including cohabitation, living-apart-together relationships, and repartnering, as well as same-sex partnerships, multi-generational families, and living alone. Studies should be underpinned by demographic data and analysis; however, we encourage novel explanations, cross-cultural comparisons, and theory-building.

We aim to have wide global representation as well as regional expertise. We are applying for funding to help pay for travel and accommodation, particularly for participants from low-income countries, but we will not know the outcome of our application for some time.

Some of the papers from this seminar and the previous seminar held in 2018 will be selected for publication in a special issue devoted to the topic. 


For further information:

Please contact Seminar Organizers mmkabamalan [at] (Maria Midea Kabamalan) and B.G.Perelli-Harris [at] (Brienna Perelli-Harris).


IUSSP Scientific Panel on New and Emerging Family Forms around the World

  • Chair: Brienna Perelli-Harris 
  • Members: Albert Esteve, Maria Midea Kabamalan, James Raymo, Sharon Sassler.
Event information
20/01/2020 - 21/01/2020
International Union for the Scientific Study of Population
Manila, Philippines