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Lund Population Day 2020: Healthy Ageing

Sep 24

Lund Population Day 2020 will take place on September 24. It will be possible to attend either in person (Segerfalksalen, BMC, Lund) or online.

Registration is now open! Note that any participation - in person or online - requires registration. Click here to come to the registration form or here to sign up for the Lund Population Day Newsletter.


Keynote lecture

Why study active ageing and how? Professor Taina Rantanen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland [Abstract]


Afternoon sessions

To be old with intellectual disability. Magnus Sandberg, Lund University.

Is this ageism? Age as an organizing principle for distributing welfare services. Tove Harnett, Lund University.

Is there a direct causal effect of education on dementia? A Swedish natural experiment on 1.3 million individuals. Therese Nilsson, Lund University.

Extending Working Life: Experiences from Sweden. Haodong Qi, Malmö University.

Different life conditions of importance for an active life when becoming alone in old age. Ulla Melin Emilsson, Lund University

A public health perspective on housing accessibility for senior citizens: Estimating effects on group and population levels. Björn Slaug, Lund University


More information will be available soon, keep up to date by signing up for the Lund Population Day Newsletter!

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