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Historical Perspectives on Intergenerational Mobility

Jun 15

Intergenerational mobility - the extent to which economic status persists across generations - was always a pressing political issue. Sociologists and economists have studied this topic with survey data from the post-war era onwards. We know much less about the evolution of social mobility in earlier times, during the rise of industry, democracy, modern infrastructure, and the welfare state.

Today, the digitization of historical sources is about to revolutionize the field. This two-day workshop invites researchers in the economic and social sciences who capitalize on these new opportunities to study intergenerational mobility. Submissions are open to any quantitative work using data that predate the probabilistic sampling survey - e.g., digitized censuses, parish records, fiscal sources, or archival evidence.

Registration is free; a limited number of travel grants available.

Organizing committee: Per Engzell (Oxford), Giacomo Gabbuti (Oxford), Juliana Jaramillo-Echeverri (LSE).

Event information
15/06/2020 - 16/06/2020
University of Oxford
Nuffield College