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Calls for Papers

Deadline: 20/04/2020
The 2020 BSPS Conference will be held at the University of Leicester, Stamford Court, 14‐16 September. There will be a full programme of simultaneous strand sessions of submitted papers: proposals and abstracts for papers & posters are invited across the entire demographic & population studies spectrum. Deadline: 20 April. [...]
Deadline: 15/04/2020
This issue of Space Populations Societies welcomes papers that contribute to a better knowledge and understanding of the spatial structures and dynamics of contemporary changes relating to nuptiality, family behaviour and new household structures and compositions. The proposed papers may fit at least one of the following three axes: 1) spatial dynamics, 2) explanation of spatial structures, 3) the role of migration in changing family behavior. [...]
Deadline: 15/05/2020
Reflecting on the diagnosis of „growing divides“, the 15th „Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe“ - conference seeks to bring together and discuss empirical evidence to better assess whether or not and to what extent European societies are converging in terms of well-being, attitudes and socioeconomic structures. [...]
The open access Quetelet Journal calls for papers around the following topics: gradient of urbanicity in demographic research; diffusion of behaviours across rural & urban sectors; migration and circulation within countries; and urbanisation, economic inequalities and ecology. [...]
Deadline: 31/03/2020
The Vienna Yearbook of Population Research (VYPR) is seeking submissions for a Special Issue entitled “Demographic Aspects of Human Wellbeing.” Submissions are due by 31 March 2020. [...]
Deadline: 15/03/2020
Submit by 15 March to participate in PopFest 2020, the annual Population Studies conference for graduate, postgraduate and PhD students, this year at the European University Institute! [...]
Deadline: 06/06/2020
The Finnish Yearbook of Population Research is a peer reviewed, open access journal published by the Population Research Institute of the Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto) in collaboration with The Finnish Demographic Society and The Institute of Migration. The special theme for the 2020 volume is demographic and social inequality but articles across population studies are warmly welcome as well. [...]
Deadline: 15/05/2020
This conference will focus on research addressing whether there were missing girls, and thus discriminatory practices unduly increasing female mortality in infancy and childhood, in historical Europe. [...]
Deadline: 31/05/2020
Spatial Demography (Springer Nature) is soliciting manuscripts for a forthcoming special issue entitled “The Spatial Dimensions of Race and Racial Inequality”. The deadline for full submissions is 31st May, 2020. [...]
Deadline: 04/05/2020
The nexus between international migration and social networks is crucial in understanding different phases of migration experience. Submissions regarding this theme are being accepted until 4 May 2020. [...]