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Calls for Papers

Deadline: 31/05/2020
Spatial Demography (Springer Nature) is soliciting manuscripts for a forthcoming special issue entitled “The Spatial Dimensions of Race and Racial Inequality”. The deadline for full submissions is 31st May, 2020. [...]
Deadline: 04/05/2020
The nexus between international migration and social networks is crucial in understanding different phases of migration experience. Submissions regarding this theme are being accepted until 4 May 2020. [...]
Deadline: 14/02/2020
Submissions for the conference are accepted until 14 February 2020. [...]
Deadline: 18/02/2020
Submissions of a complete panel with papers, or individual papers proposed as part of the approximately 70 accepted Sections, are being accepted until 19 February. [...]
Deadline: 16/02/2020
The topic for the eighth edition of the ECSR Spring School is “Geography, Mobility and Social Stratification”. The focus of the school is on the way geographical information might be included in the analysis of social stratification, in particular to study the interrelations between geography and other mechanisms of intergenerational reproduction of status. [...]
Improvements in Measurement and New Evidence
Deadline: 15/02/2020
Seminar organized by the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Abortion Research and the Population Council, India. [...]
Deadline: 15/03/2020
This seminar, organized by IUSSP and INED, aims to bring together research examining how demographic behaviours and the intergenerational transmission of socioeconomic status interact to shape patterns of inequality over time. [...]
Deadline: 31/01/2020
The seminar will focus on themes related to trends in life expectancy, healthy life expectancy, and lifespan inequality; causes and consequences of inequalities in health and mortality; modeling and forecasting mortality inequality; methodological innovation in research on aging and its implications for longevity. [...]
Deadline: 03/04/2020
We are pleased to announce the next workshop of the EAPS Health, Morbidity and Mortality Working Group, which will be hosted by the Department of Sociology and the CICS.NOVA.UÉvora, Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences at the University of Évora, Portugal, from the 21st to 23rd September, 2020. [...]
Policies, Places, and Profits: Manufacturers of Illness and Health
Deadline: 09/03/2020
The theme of the 2020 IAPHS conference is “Policies, Places, and Profits: Manufacturers of Illness and Health.” The overall goal of this year’s IAPHS conference is to bring together scholars from multiple disciplines to share current research findings, frameworks, and methods; elevate awareness about how policies, places, and profits shape population health for better or for worse; facilitate new collaborations; and identify ways to improve health through outreach to policymakers, industry and the public. [...]