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Postdoctoral Researcher / Doctoral Candidate, 2-3 positions

Postdoctoral Researcher / Doctoral Candidate in Sociology for a fixed term beginning from 1 April 2017 or according to agreement (2 – 3 positions for two years each)

The positions will be located at the Unit of Sociology at the Department of Social Research, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Turku. The key areas of research and teaching in the department are welfare research, the study of cultural interaction and social inequality, and comparative research. The main research fields in the Unit of Sociology are Social Inequality, and Communities and Social Change.

We are seeking aspiring researchers with strong motivation and skills for research in at least one of the main research areas stated above. Candidates should have a successful research and study background and a doctoral degree within a relevant field. Accomplished doctoral candidates are also encouraged to apply.

The applicants are expected to have an excellent track record in carrying out independent high-quality research and producing publications with excellent skills for independent and team work in a research group as well as having the necessary teaching skills. The applicants are expected to have good English language skills.

A person chosen for the position will be expected to engage in research and teaching as well as to publish research within the field of social inequality, or communities and social change. The person will also participate in applying funding for research, directing students’ thesis research, and other possible duties as determined by the Unit. The positions are research intensive and may therefore include teaching related duties at maximum 5 – 10 % of the total working hours of teaching and research personnel.

Employment is for a fixed term of two years beginning from April 2017 or according to agreement. However, a person selected must begin on the 15th of August 2017 at the latest. Upon agreement, the person selected for the position can begin working in the position part-time. There will be a trial period of four months.

The salary will be determined in accordance with the Finnish university salary system for teaching and research personnel, and consists of two components: a task-specific base reflecting how demanding the position is, and a performance component reflecting an evaluation of the position-holder’s personal achievement. For the Postdoctoral Researcher, the salary will be at levels 5–6 on the task-specific chart, between 2865,30–3340,77 euro per month. For the Doctoral Candidate, the salary will be at the level 4, 2475,31 euro per month.  The personal performance component is a maximum of 46.3 % of the task-specific base salary.

The application should include:

  • a CV
  • a list of publications
  • an academic portfolio
  • a four to five page research proposal
  • two writing samples (published articles or manuscripts).

The positioning of the research proposal to the main research fields of the unit (Social Inequality or Communities and Social Change) should be stated clearly. A person applying for the position of a doctoral candidate should also include a copy of the doctoral thesis (or if not yet defended, the manuscript and a statement from the supervisor on the expected date of defending the thesis).

The appendices should follow the guidelines of the faculty, see The electronic database allows the applicant to submit only one application file to each application section. Information on the file forms to be used can be found in the additional information of each application. Please note that the database only allows the publications to be submitted in a packaged form (.zip). One .zip-file may include several individual files.

The eligibility criteria for a Postdoctoral researcher and Doctoral candidate are defined in the rules of procedure of the University of Turku:

Applications must be submitted by March 30, 2017 (at 23:59) via the electronic application form of the University of Turku.


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Further details are available upon request from Professor Jani Erola, +358 2 333 5383, Inquiries related to the application procedure and electronic application form will be answered by Senior Administrative Officer Erika Lilja +358 44 556 3411,