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Internship positions with the OECD

OECD Family/Gender team
Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affaires
Social Policy Division

The Family & Gender team of the Social Policy Division (SPD) of the OECD is looking to hire student interns for a 3-months period minimum between February to August 2017 to support ongoing OECD work on families and children. This team collects survey and administrative data, builds and organizes datasets, conducts research and writes reports, and disseminates findings on social policies supporting gender equality, families, and child well-being. Current and upcoming projects include reports on child poverty and child well-being, and on family settings. Ongoing activities include the maintenance of the OECD’s Gender Data Portal and the OECD Family Database.

Each of the three interns will have the opportunity to work on a personal research topic under the supervision of an SPD economist. Possible topics for this part of the internship could be:

a) Contribute to updating the OECD’s Family Database (, with information on the diversity of family living arrangements and family poverty. This would involve collecting and harmonizing information from household surveys – including censuses, and other demographic and employment surveys –, and looking at the sensitivity of poverty estimates with the assumptions made to reflect the family living arrangements in non-traditional families. It will also involve preparing output for dissemination. Excellent coding/programming skills are required for this project.

b) Organizing a questionnaire on child maintenance systems in OECD countries to analyse policy responses to the increasing risks of family dissolution.

c) Contribute to a cross-country comparison of household-level characteristics of children living in poverty. It will compare, in particular, how family size and composition, as well as the various categories of income, transfers and costs (housing, food, education) affect poverty risk. It will involve an analytical decomposition of the “contribution” of key sociodemographic characteristics and of the various categories of income and transfers to poverty and changes in poverty rates over time. Familiarity with econometrics technics of decomposition is a plus.

d) Contribute to the analysis of inequalities in Child Well-Being Outcomes within and across OECD countries. It will involve an analysis of the relationships between family poverty, parenting activities, and child material and subjective well-being, on the basis of different cross-national surveys such as the Time Use Surveys, PISA surveys, Health Behaviours of School-Aged Children, Gender and Generation Surveys, etc. Excellent coding/programming skills are required for this project.

Towards the end of their stay at the OECD, the interns will have the opportunity to draft a short synthesis report to summarize their findings. Good drafting skills in English as well as a sound knowledge of Stata and Excel are required. Please submit a writing sample (5-10 pages) and a coding sample.

Those interested are invited to send a CV and a short motivation letter outlining their main area of interest to Olivier Thévenon (

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