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A look at Norway
Whether children stabilize or destabilize unions has long interested, well, nearly everyone. Most studies by social scientists indicate the former—that kids are a stabilizing force in relationships—but union types are becoming more diverse, and with them social norms. [...]
Does a father’s involvement limit her opportunities?
Dating can be challenging terrain for anyone. For single mothers, though, finding a new partner is particularly complicated. It requires time, energy and attention, and it must compete with childcare for all of them. In some cases, an ex-partner can add an extra layer of complexity to the repartnering process  — at least if the ex-partner is a highly-involved father. [...]
  Project on the social implications of legal statuses and determination processes among recent asylum-seekers.   [...]
Das Bundesinstitut für Bevölkerungsforschung sucht eine Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin beziehungsweise einen Wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter sowie eine Doktorandin beziehungsweise einen Doktoranden im Forschungsbereich „Migration und Mobilität“, Forschungsgruppe „Internationale Migration“.   Das Aufgabenspektrum für die Stelle 113-17 als Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin beziehungsweise Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter umfasst: [...]
Workshop in Lausanne
Call for abstract submissions regarding an international workshop that will take place at the University of Lausanne on December 14-15, 2017. It is open to social sciences researchers from all disciplines (demography, sociology, social psychology, political sciences, economics, law). [...]
Just not for everyone.
The question of how work influences women’s fertility has been high on the demographic research agenda for decades. For a long time, the assumption was that higher labour force participation among women was negatively associated with fertility. In recent years, however, more and more researchers argue that this may no longer be true.  [...]
Within the theme group Families and Generations, the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI) has a vacancy for a PhD position in family demography.   [...]
Doctoral programme in Sociology and Social Research School of Social Sciences - University of Trento, Italy   Deadline: June 7 th 2017, 4pm Italian time (please check carefully the official call). Online application:   [...]
Social norms determine how we use our time, which affects our marriages
Between American, Spanish and French couples, who spends the most time together? With their children? Without them? The amount of time spent with one’s partner is a well-accepted indicator of marital wellbeing, but finding the time can become challenging with children. [...]
The trend of legal recognition for gay and lesbian couples is broadening. More and more rights are becoming available to same-sex partners – in more and more European countries. Leiden Law School and French Institute for Demographic Studies publish detailed database and comparative analysis.    Growing consensus [...]