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Childlessness and Education

Whether more education leads to more childlessness depends on the policy context

For instance, in both countries childlessness was as low among women with high levels of education in “feminised” fields like healthcare or teaching as it was among women with less education in fields like tourism or banking. But where level of education mattered, it mattered more in Austria, where family and labour policies do not facilitate the reconciliation of women’s careers and childbearing. Both findings suggest institutions and policies modify preferences and behaviour, even for fertility.

Neyer, Gerda, Jan M Hoem, and Gunnar Andersson (2017). Education and Childlessness: the influence of educational field and educational level on childlessness among Swedish and Austrian women. In M Kreyenfeld & D Konietzka (eds.), Childlessness in Europe: Contexts, Causes and Consequences, pp 183 – 207.
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