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Workshop on Early Childhood Policies

May 30
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Annual workshop organised by the Economic Demography research unit

This workshop will begin with a keynote speech by Jane Waldfogel (Columbia University). Three interdisciplinary scientific sessions will follow: "Childcare and early schooling", "Childhood health and development" and "The effects on maternal employment".


Registration is mandatory via the Ined website


Program (in French)

9:00 Accueil café 

9:15 Keynote speaker

  • Jane Waldfogel (Columbia University) "Understanding Recent Changes in Disparities in Children’s Early Reading and Math Skills in the United States" (présentation en anglais)

10:15 Pause

10:45 Séance 1 : Modes de garde et scolarisation précoce 

Présidente : Marion Leturcq (Ined)

Discutante : María del Carmen Huerta (OECD) (présentation en anglais)

  • Morgan Kitzmann (Ined) "Déterminants et conséquences de l’aide informelle par les grands-parents"
  • Maxime Tô  (University College London/Institute for Fiscal Studies) "Will Sooner Be Better? The Impact of Early Preschool Enrollment on Cognitive and Non-cognitive Achievement of Children’’ avec O. Filatriau (Crest/INSEE) et D. Fougère (Crest/Sciences Po).
  • Emma Garcia (Economic Policy Institute) “Education inequities at the school starting gate: gaps, trends, and strategies to address them” avec Elaine Weiss (Broader Bolder Approach to Education) (présentation en anglais)

12:45 Buffet offert à l’Ined

14:00 Séance 2 : Santé et développement de l’enfant

Présidente : Emmanuelle Cambois (Ined)

Discutante : Marie-Aline Charles (Inserm)

  • Mauricio Avendano (King’s College London/Ined) “The Great Recession and the Health of Young Children in Ireland” avec Erica Reinhard (King’s College London), Richard Layte (Trinity College Dublin), Cathal McCrory (Trinity College Dublin), Lidia Panico (Ined) (présentation en anglais)
  • Maria Melchior (Inserm) “Childcare between age 0 and 3 and children’s emotional and behavioral development

15:30 Pause

16:00 Séance 3 : Accueil des enfants et activité des mères 

Président : Leonard Moulin (Ined)

Discutante : Dominique Meurs (Université de Nanterre/Ined)

  • Clémentine Van Effenterre (Paris School of Economics/London School of Economics) “Do women want to work more or more regularly? Evidence from a natural experiment” avec Emma Duchini (University of Warwick)
  • Lamia Kandil (OFCE-Sciences Po) “Does more collective daycare boost female employment? A multi-level model on French case” avec Nathalie Le Bouteillec (Université de Picardie Jules Verne/Ined) et Anne Solaz (Ined)
Event information
Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques
133 Boulevard Davout
75980 Paris cedex 20