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Interdisciplinary workshop at the WZB Berlin: Changing Societies

Jun 01

“Changing Societies: The World We Live In”
Interdisciplinary workshop at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center

The WZB Berlin Social Science Center and the French Network of Institutes for Advanced Study (RFIEA) invite interested researchers to participate in the Franco-German Research Forum’s kick-off workshop “Changing Societies: The World We Live In”. The Franco-German Research Forum of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2016-2018 aims to foster interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration between French and German researchers. Researchers from history, sociology, economics, political science, law, philosophy, mathematics, statistics, anthropology, literature etc. are invited to jointly analyze and evaluate different aspects of cultural, ecological, economic, and social change.

The guiding research questions are

1. What are the key ecological, economic, and societal changes of our times?
2. How can we adequately describe, measure, and compare these changes?

For example, within the context of a constantly changing world of work, where topics such as increasing digitalization, the challenge of balancing work and (family) life, or the relationship between paid and unpaid work are becoming increasingly important, we need to adequately capture, describe, and evaluate these changes. We also need to improve our understanding of how they affect individual and societal well-being.

The suggested topics for the workshop and the ongoing collaborations are deliberately broad in scope in order to facilitate intercultural and academic exchange between researchers from various academic disciplines and accommodate different research interests. Interested researchers are invited to present their research ideas and findings from ongoing research projects at this first kick-off workshop. The workshop aims to provide them with the opportunity to further develop their current projects, advance their ideas for future studies, and initiate new collaborations.

See also Call for Papers below (pdf-file).

Contact: Friederike Molitor at

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WZB Berlin Social Science Center and the French Network of Institutes for Advanced Study (RFIEA)